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Tim Kelsey

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Mr Tim Kelsey has jumped straight into leading the inaugural Australian Digital Health Agency, after arriving in Australia at the end of last year.

Back in England, he served as the first National Director for Patients and Information for England's National Health Service (NHS). Bringing the strategic vision, as chair of the National Information Board, Tim led to the development of 'Personalised Health and Care 2020' – a framework for implementation of a modern information revolution in the NHS in the UK.

Now, Tim is leading the new Australian governmental body that will become the system operator for My Health Record, the Australian government's e-health record system, as well as setting the national agenda for other health IT initiatives in Australia.

Further to his experience pioneering patient outcomes in healthcare through his Executive Director of Transparencyand Open Data role in Telstra Health in 2012, Tim was a trustee of the Nuffield Trust, a leading health policy think tank, until 2015, where he was appointed visiting professor at the Institute for Global Health Innovation at Imperial College, London in November 2015.

One of the 500 most influential people in the United Kingdom in 2014 (named by the Sunday Times), and Reformer of the Year by Think Tank Reform, Tim will bring his experience and pearls of wisdom from the UK to The Digital Health Show in a session that explores the future of digital health in Australia.

David Kempson

Chief Information Officer, Mater Misericordiae Limited

David Kempson brings a unique blend of military and corporate leadership to command UnitingCare Health’s success in opening St Stephens Hospital, an advanced, and digitally integrated hospital. The hospital has become the first hospital in Australia to achieve Stage 6 on the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s EMR Adoption Model.

Currently an active member of the Standards Australia Digital Hospital Standards Development Team, he utilises 30 years+ of experience (across Australia and USA) in engineering, information technology and senior leadership to strengthen focus on implementation and management of contemporary information systems to support the provision of high quality clinical care.

With extensive expertise in operations management, strategy development, program management and business process improvement – don’t miss his session that dives deep into master data management from a high-level strategic perspective.

Also, improve the way you lead people: David’s greatest strengths include establishing a vision for a team and leading them through the path to successful delivery. David has a proven track record in being able to invest in succession planning, build high performing teams, and remove roadblocks that prevent my team from carrying out the company’s mission. Wouldn’t you like to find out how he does it?

Alfred Poor

Editor, Health Tech Insider

Alfred Poor has made a career out of making complex concepts accessible to people so that they can put them to practical use. He knows how to join the dots better than most.

Charming and witty, yet humble, Alfred will fly over from America to be the brilliant Host of The Digital Health Show in 2017.

Health Tech Insider (based in Brooklyn, NY) is written by Alfred Poor, PhD, who has been fascinated by science and technology from an early age. With a Biology degree from Harvard, he went on to spend 30 years writing about a wide range of technology topics, including more than 22 years writing for PC Magazine and other major computing titles. Author or co-author of more than a dozen books, he continues to be fascinated by shiny, sparkly things that can make a difference for the better in people’s lives.

Troy Sheahan

CEO, Members Own Health Funds

Troy Sheahan, chief executive of Members Own Health Funds, which represents 15 not-for-profit and mutual funds. Troy believes that health insurers have almost been forced to create different products because they cannot charge different risk profiles, different premiums. He also understands that insurers have to offer different options to retain members as each individual has different health needs.


Troy comes from a technical background, with qualifications in Business Information Systems. However, his passion lies in delivering strategic marketing campaigns backed by great customer experience.

With over 15 years’ experience in the health insurance category, most recently he was the GM of another startup, Frank Health Insurance, which he led from its launch in 2009.

Michael Krieg

CEO, St John of God Ballarat Hospital


Michael Krieg has the ability to make very complex, high level strategy easily accessible to everyone. A strategic leader in implementation of health service improvement, Michael is currently innovatively redesigning processes and utilising different types of strategy to succeed in an environment that lacks public funding.


Though St John of God Ballarat Hospital is not an early adopter of digital health systems, they have introduced a few things earlier than most, including software that maps out activity profiles so that forecasts can be aligned to the staffing and patient activities.


Prior to his current role, Michael has experience as a CEO of both public and private hospitals across Australia including CEO of Calvary Health Care Tasmania, Mildura Base Hospital and Knox Private Hospital.


Sturt Eastwood

CEO, Diabetes NSW

Sturt Eastwood is a leading advocate of the diabetes movement in NSW, supporting others living with (and at risk of) diabetes.

Taking huge steps forward as he personally trials the digital health stick-on device that puts an end to finger pricking for a blood test. For some diabetics, this can be up to eight times a day.

In his session, Sturt will draw upon his wealth of national/ international governance and multidisciplinary commercial experience to tackle the longitudinal problem of quality and integrated care.
Do not miss this opportunity to learn how you can use technology to replace low value add systems, processes, and operations.

Note: Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic disease and will become the single largest health burden in Australia by end 2017. The current cost of diabetes nationally is circa $14 billion and almost 8,000 Australians die annually from diabetes related complications (more than breast, prostate and brain cancer combined).


Sturt is a diabetes sufferer himself, and has held numerous Board positions including the Australian Diabetes Council, Life for a Child, Diabetes Qualified and many more. Diabetes NSW and Diabetes Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting people with diabetes.

DR James Dromey

Chief Operating Officer, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

James is Chief Operating Officer at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI), one of Australia’s largest research institutes with close to 2000 researchers working across all areas of child and adolescent health.


Prior to this he was General Manager – Business Development & Strategy at MCRI, where he led the development and commercialisation of a pipeline of more than 400 research projects on new drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies.


James championed the Murdoch Childrens’ drive into digital health and has positioned the institute as an international leader in this area. He led the development and implementation of a new model in medical research that facilitates greater collaboration and knowledge transfer across health and technology, engineering and ICT sectors.


James has over 17 years experience in health and medical research, both as a research scientist and in technology innovation and commercialisation. Previously, James was Business Development Manager at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, where he led a number of strategic collaborations with industry partners ranging from SMEs, to top 5 international pharmaceutical, and Fortune 500 companies. As a research scientist he was part of a team that developed a first-in-class vaccine for celiac disease that went on to raise over $35 million and is now in clinical trials. His work has resulted in the filing of three patent applications, two of which have been commercialised. James is currently a Non-Executive Director of GI Therapies, an unlisted spin-out from the Murdoch Childrens.

Professor Enrico Coiera

Director, Centre for Health Informatics, Macquarie University

Professor Enrico Coiera, currently based at Macquarie University, is a global thought leader in health informatics research. He was awarded the 2015 International Medical Informatics Association's Francois Gremy Award for Excellence - the highest international honour in the field.


Enrico’s thinking and research, across three decades, has continued to cross boundaries, generate ingenious questions, propose ideas that draw frowns from the status quo, and stimulate thinking about best practices in informatics and digital health.


He is responsible for multiple patents and technology innovations whilst working at Hewlett Packard's research laboratories. More recently, his academic work has seen multiple technologies developed and commercialised, including consumer e-health systems and clinical decision support technologies.


Enrico will be showcasing his new project(s) that involve working with Stanford to assess behavioural insights for public health programs, and how tweaks can be made in consumer/patient behaviour, using digital health, to change health outcomes dramatically.

Professor Stuart Smith

Former Professor of Disruptive Innovation; Professor and Business Development Coordinator, Southern Cross University

Stuart is a brilliant innovator; a dominant and lateral thinker. As a former professor in disruptive technologies, Stuart is an acknowledged international researcher in the areas of telehealth technology and the development of interactive digital technologies that can be applied to health.

Stuarts research interests range from:

  • Understanding the biological basis of posture control in older adults to reduce their risk of falls though the development and use of virtual reality environments to deliver education and training programs,
  • Implementation of novel sensing and computing technologies to keep older adults living independently, well and productive
  • Through to the role that interactive digital games can be used to engage people in repetitive exercise programs

Join us for his session as he sketches out his journey full of wit, remarkable miracles in rehabilitation, and his perspective on disruptive innovation in an institutionalised system.

Christopher Bain

Associate Professor, Monash University Faculty of IT; Founder of HealthTech-UX; Chief Health Information Services Manager, Mercy Public Hospitals Inc.

Chris is an experienced doctor and health IMT practitioner with a unique set of qualifications, and a unique exposure to broad aspects of the healthcare system. He has extensive experience in designing, leading and running operational IMT functions in healthcare organizations. His chief interests are in the usability of technology in healthcare and software and system evaluation. Chris is also the founder of Health Tech-UX, a unique organization interested in a better UX of software for all stakeholders in healthcare

James Mccaw

Past Australian Research Council Future Fellow, University of Melbourne

James McCaw is a mathematical biologist, epidemiologist, and past Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He holds a split appointment between the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. He also holds an honorary appointment at the Murdoch ChildrensResearch Institute. James' interests lie in the application of mathematics and computation to a broad range of problems in infectious diseases biology, epidemiology and public health.

DR Robert McLeay

Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DoseMe Pty Ltd

As a founder and the Chief Technology Officer, Robert is responsible for managing the development of DoseMe Pty Ltd's dose individualisation software platform. In particular, he focuses on developing the bioinformatics aspects of our solution and its scientific validation.


“DoseMe is about precise, personalised dosing. You're not average, I'm not average - none of us are average - and our medications shouldn't be dosed that way either. Personalised dosing has been independently proven to improve patient outcomes (even halving mortality in some groups!) and lower healthcare costs (up to a 52:1 cost-benefit ratio).”

Dr Adrian Medhurst

Psychologist/Partner, Amelie AI

Adrian is the psychological brains behind the clever mental health chatbot Amelie AI. Winning medtech pitches and competitions for the innovative artificial intelligence with his partner and Founder, Julian Bright, the duo has been making waves in breakthrough digital health technology.


It is their belief that text-based messaging platforms and chat room services can integrate Artificial Intelligence to deliver an immediate, consistent and trustworthy service - at a free or low cost to everyone.


This belief is becoming a reality. The duo is busy working on its features, and will be ready to give a killer live demo by Show time! Soon Amelie will be powering the future of mental health via online chat.

Julian Bright

Founder, Amelie AI

Julian is the brain-child of Amelie AI. An experienced technical leader with experience across a broad range of disciplines including architecture, software engineering, big data infrastructure, statistics and machine learning, Julian has a track record of winning prizes for his technical and disruptive projects.


Julian’s specialties: Machine Learning, Big Data Engineering, Real-time Analytics, High Scalability.
In Julian and Dr Adrian Medhursts’ presentation, you will meet Amelie in a demonstration of AI-assisted mental health support available via online messaging and live chat.


You will experience features including conversational search to locate relevant, practical, trustworthy resources; chat-based triage to assess, prioritise and escalate high-risk issues to service providers; and aftercare to capture service quality and promote ongoing progress through wellness notifications.

DR Aenor Sawyer

Associate Director, Strategic Relations - Center for Digital Health Innovation, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Aenor’s life is digital health. Not only does she lead the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation, she also directs the Digital Health track of the CTSI Catalyst accelerator, advises the Paediatric Device Consortium, the Surgical Innovation Committee and the Center for Disruptive Musculoskeletal Innovation.

On top of that, Aenor co-founded Trinity, a HIPAA-secure, online, collaborative decision technology (Virtual Tumour Board). In fall and fracture prevention, she is co-developing a safe early-mobility device (MOBI-US).
As part of her many other hats - Aenor has been an advisor at Startup Health, Rock Health and Epocrates, and a member of the NIH CTSA Telemedicine/Telehealth TSIG. She is also a member of the Murdoch Childrens' Research Institute International Advisory Board, the External Advisory Board for Scripps' Institute CTSA and the Cisco Global Health Advisory Board.

Clinically, Aenor combines skills in Orthopaedics, Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology and Health Technology to provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care. She is Director of the UCSF Skeletal Health Service. She is also Medical Officer for the Great Pacific Race and transoceanic rowers with remote communication and sensing technologies.
Join Aenor to find out the latest in sensor technologies and smart devices, creating interactive experiences, and unique ways of applying VR to health.

David Bakker

Founder, MoodMission

As a mental health outreach worker in Tasmania, David worked with many people searching for decent mental health support.

A common theme was the frustration of not knowing what to do. If you feel anxious, getting vague or complicated advice can just make the anxiety worse. Through this work, David grew his passion of helping people find good quality, evidence-based support in a pragmatic, easily understood, and achievable form.

David is now about to complete his Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Monash University. While at Monash he worked on MoodPrism – a mental health app that helps users track their mood over time and collects valuable research data.
This work led him to develop MoodMission – an app that recommends mental health strategies to users based on their real-time distress. David now looks forward to a future where evidence-based mental health support is easily accessible and society reaps the benefits.

DR Megan Ranney

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine;

Director, Emergency Digital Health Innovation program, Brown University

Megan’s primary interest is in developing and testing digital health interventions for high-risk emergency department patients. She is Principal Investigator on 6 federally funded grants and has over 70 peer-reviewed publications all focused on developing digital health interventions to facilitate behavioural change in high-risk populations. She is currently Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator. She is an active mentor and teacher of undergraduates, graduate and medical students, residents, and junior faculty.  She is also an active teacher on social media, including Twitter and blogs.

With over 8 national positions such as serving as an editor for Annals of Emergency Medicine; chairing the SAEM Research Committee; and being appointed to IOM and HIMSS committees on digital health, Megan is not only an active mentor and teacher – but a ‘Forty Under Forty’ Disruptive Woman in Healthcare (Providence Business News, July 2015).

Megan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital/Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and Director and Founder of the Brown Emergency Digital Health Innovation program (www.brownedhi.org), as well as Director of Special Projects in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also has a secondary appointment in the Department of Health Services, Policy, and Practice at the Brown School of Public Health. 

In Megan’s words:
“I chose emergency medicine to improve the health of our most vulnerable. For many Americans, the emergency department is their only source of health care. For the rest of us, the ED is the entry point into the health care system during an acute illness. I know that EDs can do better at addressing the underlying behavioural needs of our patients. My commitment to developing, testing and disseminating digital health interventions derives from this background”.

dr Nick van Terheyden

Chief Medical Officer, NTT DATA Services (USA)

Nick brings a distinctive blend of medical practitioner and business strategist, both national and international, to the realm of healthcare technology. Nick is a pioneering creator in the evolution of healthcare technology.

Currently Chief Medical Officer for Dell’s Healthcare & Life Sciences (HCLS) Services business, Nick provides strategic insight to help Dell advance its support of healthcare organizations, medical professionals and patients through information-enabled healthcare. He will be helping Dell’s global healthcare customers develop a strategy and apply technology to achieve an IT environment that is interconnected, efficient and patient-focused.

In addition to writing and lecturing on futuristic trends in healthcare technology, his advice and counsel is sought by hospitals, physicians and other allied healthcare professionals -- all of whom are trying to figure out how to integrate and use technology to make the healthcare system work from the perspectives of quality and financial success.

DR Bastian Seidel

President, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

Dr Bastian Seidel is the President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).  Bastian is a partner and co-owner of a rural general practice in Tasmania’s Huon Valley, South West of Hobart. He joined the RACGP Tasmania board in 2009 and was elected deputy chair in 2011, becoming chair in 2015. Bastian studied medicine in Germany and South Africa and completed his vocational training as a GP in the United Kingdom in 2006. Bastian has been a supervisor for GP registrars and an RACGP examiner since 2007. He is a Clinical Professor at the University of Tasmania and Director of the National Asthma Council.

Professor Phil Robinson

Head of Cell Signalling Unit, Children’s Medical Research Institute

Professor Phil Robinson is a neurochemist with expertise in protein chemistry, pharmacology and cell biology. He has a PhD in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Newcastle.

He studied at the NIH and the Pharma company Merrell Dow both in USA and St. Vincent's Institute in Melbourne and the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.  Phil then took up his present position as Head of Cell Signalling Unit at the CMRI in Sydney in 1996, and holds a Senior Principal Research Fellowship from the NHMRC.

Phil's research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission in the nervous system and identify similarities in signalling during mitosis.  With Adam McCluskey they have created a pharmacology around endocytosis, and are translating this research to develop new drugs for the brain and cancer.

With Roger Reddel they have recently launched ProCan, an international Centre designed to capture and share the proteome of 70,000 human tumours of all types.  The outcomes will be to accelerate cancer diagnosis and provide new treatment options.

Nathan Steiner

Head of Systems Engineering ANZ, Veeam Software

Nathan Steiner heads Veeam’s ANZ Systems Engineering Group. In this role he takes responsibility for leading, driving and owning Veeam’s technical pre-sales strategy for Australia and New Zealand.

Nathan also evangelises Veeam’s technology value proposition and leads, motivates and inspires the team of pre-sales engineers across ANZ.

Nathan is a Senior IT Professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology and Communication industry. Prior to Veeam, he was a Regional Manager within Sales Engineering at Citrix Systems ANZ. From building strategic roadmaps for enterprise customers to developing structured approaches for technical presales engagement opportunities, Nathan has been recognised for his contribution as part of the Global Citrix Innovation Awards for customers such as Westpac Banking Group, Optus/Singtel Telecommunications and John Holland Group.
Prior to Citrix, Nathan held the positions of Chief Engineer, Workplace Services, Westpac Banking Group and numerous Senior Architecture and Engineering roles. These included enterprise and infrastructure architecture roles at IBM as a Certified Architect.

Nathan is a former contracted athlete in Ironman Racing and a World Champion in the sport of Surf Life Saving. He is also a former NSWIS athlete in sprint kayaking.


Nathan holds Bachelor degrees in Applied Science (Health Informatics) and Computer Science from the University of Sydney and Wollongong and is working towards completion of a Masters of Engineering Science from the University of NSW.

Steve Snow

Co-Founder & Director, praxhub

Steve Snow is a Co-Founder and Director of praxhub.  Born and bred in Melbourne, Steve previously worked as a lawyer in the healthcare space, acting for a range of industry organisations.  He has a genuine passion for technology and its ability to drive positive change.

Rob Beveridge

Co-Founder & Director, praxhub

Rob is the other Co-Founder and Director of praxhub.  He has over 15 years’ in healthcare working for a range of local and multi-national organisations.  Before praxhub, Rob worked as a strategic consultant to healthcare organisations, advising on commercial and policy direction.  He has a passion for innovation and driving the future of healthcare.

DR. Ruth Large

Clinical Director, Thames Hospital
Clinical Director, Virtual Healthcare
Waikato DHB

Working as Clinical Director of Thames Hospital since 2012 Ruth finds addressing the inequities of rural practice challenging. Meanwhile, Ruth is also challenging the huge potential of virtual health care. She has had a keen interest in Telehealth since her outback days and has been the Deputy Chair of the New Zealand Telehealth Forum since 2013. She was appointed to the new position of Clinical Director of Virtual Healthcare for the Waikato DHB in 2015 and both roles allow her a glimpse into the future where patients have better access to the care that they deserve.

Ruth lives on a lifestyle block in the North Waikato with her farmer husband and three children, proving that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Stephen Bartlett

Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology/ Chief Developer, BusyShift (TMMR)

Stephen Bartlett believes the healthcare industry is ripe for digital disruption. Moreover, he is ready to bring over 18 years’ experience in healthcare from the United Kingdom and Australia to The Digital Health Show. Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology by day, and chief developer of BusyShift (TMMR) by night, Stephen believes there is plenty of room to align strategic goals into the future.

Bernie Kelly

General Manager, Gabriel Health Systems (gabrielcares.com)

Bernie is on a mission to enable individuals, families, and aged & health service providers to better manage health and wellness.  With the Gabriel team he is leveraging a highly developed and agile Connectivity platform to re-imagine Home Care and allow Aged and Health Care providers to join the 24/7 real-time Connectivity consumer focused era.

Building on a successful career in Consumer Goods, he has spent the last 10 years leading systemic improvement across Health & Aged Care Services, pioneering predictive planning & analytics, leading research in reliable excellence in care, and working with technology providers to improve engagement and outcomes.

He brings global experience having had research partnerships in the US and worked with the likes of Cabrini, Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service, St John of God, J & J Medical, Epworth, and health service leaders in Singapore and Malaysia.

Craig Bosworth

Former Chief of Staff to The Hon. Sussan Ley MP

Craig Bosworth joined Health Minister Susan Ley in January 2014 and had been in the role when Ley was minister for aged care and disability. Craig stayed on when she was promoted to health.

Craig’s expansive CV includes being a Policy Advisory for the Office of the Federal Minister for Health and Aging, a Commissioner for Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (Comcare Workers Compensation), and a stint at the then government-owned Medibank Private.

Craig is an experienced senior executive whose career has demonstrated a unique combination of corporate strategic thinking, market and business development, financing and innovation.

He has a particular passion and expertise for new and innovative thinking for financing our future health and aged care needs.

As Craig was very close to the action from a wide range of sectors (including Health, Compensable Insurance, Private Health Insurance, Digital Health and Payments, Aged Care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme), he is able to provide very good coverage from all perspectives.

Tony Keating

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, ResApp Health Limited


Tony Keating has over ten years experience in commercialising technology and has led the commercialisation of ResApp’s technology to date. Previously, Tony was Director, Commercial Engagement at UniQuest, one of the global leaders in commercialisation of university technology. While at UniQuest, Tony held roles as interim CEO and Non-Executive Director for a number of start-up companies. Prior to joining UniQuest Tony held business development and engineering management roles at Exa Corporation, a US-based software company that is now listed on the NASDAQ.


DR. Peter Del Fante

Senior Clinical Reference Lead, Australian Digital Health Agency


Dr Peter Del Fante is not your typical GP of a private group practice with a co-located multidisciplinary team. Not only does he wear a teaching hat as the medical advisor to GP Partners Australia AND Silver Group/ RDNS, a Senior Research Fellow and Clinical Lecturer for the University of South Australia, a General Practice Tutor for Flinders University of South Australia; but he also wears a leadership hat as a Board Director for Board Directorships.
But wait, there’s more.

Peter is currently delivering a National Digital Health ecosystem that improves the health outcomes of all Australians - as a Senior Clinical Reference Lead for the Australian Digital Health Agency.

Concurrently, Peter is also a Digital Health Consultant for dHealthcare that looks into digital health solutions (eHealth, eHR, Tele-care & Tele-health; mHealth; Health Data Analytics [including genomic / systems biology data]; Predictive Analytics; Data Governance & Quality; Geo-Medicine; Medical apps/body sensors/devices; IoT; Human augmentation, Data-driven AI; Health kiosks & robotics) to transform healthcare systems.

So, with his extensive experience in executive health management, board governance, population health management, knowledge translation & innovation, and digital health solutions – Peter will prove an invaluable moderator of discussion on EHR, Telehealth and big data potential and pitfalls panel.

Join us for his session at the eHealth Leaders Summit on the 30th March 2017 at 16:20.


Professor Branko Celler

Former Director, CSIRO NBN Telehealth Project


Professor Branko Celler is highly regarded as an innovator and pioneer in the development and use of biomedical instrumentation for the telemonitoring of chronically ill patients. He was Head of School of EE&T at the University of NSW for nine years and established the Biomedical Systems Laboratory which was successful in winning more than $15 million in competitive grants and mentoring many PhDs who went on to successful academic careers. He established a start-up company Telemedcare Pty Ltd in 2006 which now operates internationally and is respected for its innovation and excellence in telehealth. Branko has previously held positions as Executive Dean of the College of Health and Science at Western Sydney University and Chief Scientist at the CSIRO ICT Centre. He is an inaugural Fellow of the Australian College of Health Informatics, a Fellow of the IEEE and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering. Most recently he was Director of the CSIRO National NBN Telehealth trial, which provided robust evidence on the impact of at home telemonitoring in improving patient health outcomes, reducing unscheduled admissions to hospital and reducing expenditure on MBS item numbers. He carries a valuable perspective to bring to the funding healthcare discussion.



Bob Biddle

Founder, Health&


Bob Biddle is currently leading an innovative team of thinkers, medical academics, medical doctors, medical scientists, medical writers, healthcare educators, developers, designers, script writers, illustrators and animators who are bringing to life a truly intelligent health information service. Health&'s interdisciplinary team are focused on creating new ways to use and deliver health information, with products developed by Health& allowing individuals to take control of their healthcare, easily understand health issues, link with doctors and develop wellness programs. Bob is a serial entrepreneur and widely respected for his abilities to build life-changing technologies to meet the changing needs of populations and industries. He has a reputation for finding unique solutions to seemingly intractable problems. To top it all off, Bob has been recognised through a number of high profile business awards including the Ernst & Young Southern Region Entrepreneur of the Year for Services in 2002. With his experience in economics, engineering, technology and building an intelligent health information service, Bob will add fantastic value and insight to the big data potential discussion





Brett McPherson

Director, Australian Association of Practice Management


Brett is a Past National President of AAPM. Brett joined AAPM in 1992 and during the past 20 years has spent 12 years as a National Director. His last period as a Director was 2007 - 2013 Founded in 1979, AAPM is a non-profit, national peak association recognised as the professional body dedicated to representing Practice Managers and supporting effective Practice Management in the healthcare profession. A few years later, Brett has returned to the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) National Board as a Non-Executive Director. He brings with him a focus on eHealth and the impact of IT innovation in medical practices. Brett also manages an award winning Melbourne CBD general practice that provides comprehensive service range; Increasing focus on travel health and preventative health programs. The practice will be increasing its on-line access to patients as I.T. initiatives introduced over the next 3 - 6 months. In The Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) The Practice Manager magazine, Practice Managers Brett McPherson and Narelle Supanz explain why data cleansing is important and having clean patient data is good practice that will stand practices in good stead when they start uploading to the My Health Record system. To find out more, read the article here. Brett will be a panellist in the EHR, Telehealth, and Big Data Potential and Pitfalls discussion panel at the eHealth Leaders Summit.



Christopher Bladin

Clinical Program Lead, Victorian Stroke Telemedicine (VST) Program


Prof. Christopher Bladin graduated from Flinders University Medical School, Adelaide in 1984. He completed specialist training in Neurology at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne in 1991 followed by a Stroke Research Fellowship at Guy’s Hospital, London and in 1992 a Stroke Research Fellowship at University of Toronto, Canada. He returned to the Austin Hospital, Melbourne in 1995 and in 1998 was appointed Head of Unit, Dept Neurosciences Box Hill Hospital (Monash University) and later Director of Eastern Melbourne Neurosciences based at Box Hill Hospital (Monash University). In 2005 he was appointed a co-Medical Director of the National Stroke Foundation of Australia. In 2007 he was appointed Chairperson of the Vic Gov. Dept. of Health-Victorian Stroke Clinical Network Committee, responsible for implementation of the Victorian Stroke Strategy. He has a strong interest in stroke telemedicine and in 2012 was the recipient of Federal funding to commence the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine project which delivers stroke telemedicine to hospitals in rural and regional Victoria to treat patients with acute stroke. Prof Bladin is active in stroke research and is a past chairperson, and current committee member of the Australasian Stroke Trials Network (ASTN). He is involved in many NHMRC funded research studies. He has a special interest in stroke thrombolysis, acute stroke brain imaging, and stroke telemedicine.





The Hon. Bronwyn Pike

Chair, Western Health


The Hon. Bronwyn Pike is a former Victorian Minister for Housing, Aged Care, Community Services, Health, Education, Skills and Workforce Participation. Her 13 year parliamentary career included 11 as a Minister. Prior to entering parliament in 1999, Bronwyn headed up the Uniting Church welfare program in Victoria, now known as Uniting Care, which provided children, youth, family and aged care services. She trained as a secondary school teacher and taught in Adelaide and Darwin and at RMIT. Having left Parliament in 2012, Bronwyn chairs the Renewal SA Board and the Uniting Care Victorian/Tasmania Board, and is a board member of Uniting Care NSW/ACT. Bronwyn is also the President of the Australian College of Educators. The Hon Bronwyn Pike is a member of Western Health's Finance Committee, Governance and Remuneration Committee, Quality and Safety Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee. Bronwyn will be leading and moderating The Future of Ageing Discussion Panel.





Mathew Balic

Managing Director and Principal Consultant, ETRAIN


ETRAIN Interactive was founded in 2013 by Mathew Balic, an educational specialist with over 18 years experience in learning consultancy within the resources, construction and healthcare sectors. It was during a 10 year period working in the resources sector where Mathew experimented with new, immersive, computer-based training environments that allowed workers to rehearse dangerous tasks in a safe, virtual space, much like flight simulators do for pilots. Today ETRAIN Interactive is a leading developer of cost-effective, browser-based 3D training simulations, lead by an experienced board of industry professionals. Mathew is the Managing Director and a Principal Consultant at ETRAIN.





Paul Ostrowski

Chief Executive Officer, Care Connect


Paul is Chief Executive Officer at the Care Connect Group, Australia’s largest independent homecare provider operating entirely on the Connector Model. Care Connect links people and providers across aged care, disability and mental health sectors, ensuring individuals make genuine, informed choices about the services they’re seeking for their future. With 20 years’ international experience in private health and homecare, Paul has a strong track record in building leading health service organisations. Recently, Care Connect Group was recognised for Best Aged Care Software Development and Deployment 2016 at ITAC. With the ongoing developments in Aged and Disability services, Paul and his team are focused on reinforcing the organisation’s role as an Independent Advisor and Service Connector, supporting people to build effective plans for their future, connect with the best providers in their community and ensure they’re living their life, through their choices and in their way. Join Paul at The Future of Ageing discussion panel, as we discuss the outlook for aged care; budget reform and policy, technological innovations, and the challenges of digital transformation





Jonah Cacioppe

Chief Executive Officer, Board Chairman and Co-Founder Boundlss


Jonah Cacioppe is CEO and co-founder of Boundlss. Boundlss works with health & life insurers to help them develop new behavior based products that encourage & reward healthy behavior. Boundlss’ technology platform uses an AI health-assistant and biosensor data to help insurers identify, predict and manage risk in innovative new ways that attracts profitable healthy members and reduces claims. Boundlss recently won insur-tech startup of the year at the Australian fin-tech awards, and participated in Startup Bootcamp Singapore’s fin-tech program. Prior to starting Boundlss Jonah was COO and director of a leadership development and coaching firm for 7 years. He has run meditation programs for over 15 years and was an artist/designer for 15 years. He holds a BA and MFA.





Fran Brockhus

Director Clinical Services Performance Improvement, Epworth HealthCare


Fran Brockhus started with Epworth Clinical Services in August 2015 as the Director Clinical Services Performance Improvement leading a team who are looking for innovative ways to improve the patient experience and support clinical staff in their work.

With broad experience in both public and private sectors, Fran has worked at Alfred Health, Eastern Health, Cabrini and Melbourne Health.  Her previous roles have included RN, workforce, clinical and business analytics, operational management and has focused on developing staff and improving the patient experience.

Recently Fran has undertaken an exciting research project that focuses on patient satisfaction in relation to biometrics for patient identification. Her, and her team, looked into the question of “can we integrate technology to streamline/improve patient ID and meet National Safety Standards?” Beyond the humble fingerprint scans – do you know what the next big thing in patient ID is?

Join Fran at The Digital Health Summit on the 29th March at 13:40 to find out.






Head of Engagement (Greater China), Department of Health and Human Services


Jason Sun is a global minded senior healthcare management professional with a clinical background in pharmacy and 20 year experience in a diverse range of healthcare environments in Australia (which included: eHealth, government, health insurance, pharmaceutical, community pharmacies, public and private hospitals).

He has been responsible for Vic Government's engagement with the Chinese health system where he has gained in-depth insights into the market and has built an extensively network in China.     Jason recently returned from a 3 month deep dive into the different health systems in China, looking for partnerships and trading opportunities. Don’t miss out on his presentation where he shares what he learned from his trip with regards to commercialising health.





Chris Bartlett

Partner at Strategy&, PwC


Chris is a professional management consultant and leader of the Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) digitisation platform in Australia and South East Asia. He has 20 years consulting experience across Asia Pacific, Europe and US. He is a recognised thought leader, authoring a range of leading industry publications and presenting at industry forums.

Since joining Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) in 2007, Chris has advised many large clients on a range of strategic problems, with a particular focus on clients in the intersection of healthcare and technology. In particular, he has been heavily involved in the field of e-Health. He has also advised different areas of government on their ICT strategy and transformation agenda.





Chris Kommatas

Program Director, STARTUP61 HealthTech Accelerator, Melbourne Health/Royal Melbourne Hospital


Chris is a health technology entrepreneur and advocate for Australia’s digital health startup ecosystem. He is the co-founder and Director of LanewayLabs@Agnes, Australia’s first dedicated digital health collaborative workspace in Melbourne. A native of New York City, Chris relocated to Australia in 2009 after spending 8 years in senior management roles with global pharmaceutical companies in the US and UK. During this time, he gained a passion for technology whilst launching ‘world-first’ innovations in Multiple Sclerosis, Prostate Cancer and Precious Puberty in children. Chris’ commitment and dedication to fostering collaborative health technology communities was realised in 2013, when he established StartUp HealthTech, Australia’s premier early-stage health technology network. Building a community with over 2200 members (and growing) was not easy. Done, mostly, by the ‘smell of an oily rag’ personal investment and support from select sponsors and individuals, he has experienced the ‘hard yards’ and will share experience and insight in alternate funding sources.





Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan

CEO, Energesse


Dr Avi Ratnanesan is the Chief Executive Officer of Energesse, a leading firm that specialises in improving patient experience and customer experience in healthcare. Energesse provides thought leadership in patient-centred innovation and technology solutions including MES Experience for real-time patient feedback and PanSensic for free-text analytics of patient stories. Dr Avi's career began as a medical doctor in the UK and Australia following his degree from the University of Sheffield. After an MBA (Honours) from the University of Queensland, he ventured into biotech and pharmaceuticals with responsibilities including Chief of Staff at Pfizer Australia, leading the innovation agenda and helping grow the organization to over a $1 billion in annual revenue.





Neil Gow

Senior SE Manager ANZ, Splunk Inc.


Neil Gow is a Technology and Sales Professional with over 20 years global experience, most recently as a Senior Sales Engineering Manager for ANZ Splunk, based in Sydney, where he is an ardent evangelist for empowering organisations through making machine data visible, accessible and value to everyone. In this time he has had a wide range of technology management roles spanning multiple industries including financial services, technology, telecommunications & government. This knowledge is coupled with extensive consulting experience with global business consultancies, where he gained considerable exposure to internationally recognised industry best practices.





John Perkins

CEO, Ethan Group "Checked in Care" powered by Procura


John is one of the owners of Ethan Group, Australia’s largest privately owned IT company, with revenues of $200M per annum.

John has started and successfully built 5 IT companies over the last 25 years, with his focus for the last 10 years being on enabling aging in place through the innovative use of technology. His most recent company, Checked in Care, brings together global best of breed health care applications into a single user interface through the Care Companion application.





Adjunct Prof. Kylie Ward

Chief Executive Officer Australian College of Nursing


Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward has had a successful and celebrated career as a Nursing Leader and Health and Aged Care Executive in Australia for over 20 years. She has held positions of Managing Director, Director of Clinical Operations, Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Director of the Division of Medicine, Associate Director of Women’s and Children’s Health and Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery in three major health services in NSW and Victoria. She has been a NUM, After Hours Coordinator, Campus Manager, Bed Manager and Patient Flow Manager. Her clinical background is in intensive care and aged care.





Pheobe Macleod

Head of Legal and Business Development (Digital Health), Murdoch Childrens Research Institute


Phoebe is passionate about doing digital health the right way with a focus on building evidence based, clinically validated products that have real and measurable utility.

In her business development role, Phoebe manages the Institute’s growing digital health project portfolio of > 30 projects comprising clinician and patient facing mobile and tablet apps (some of which integrate with the Kinect camera, VR and other technology), web tools and e-learning courses.  Mental health, genomics, management of chronic complex conditions such as cerebral palsy, allergy and sleep are just some of the Institute’s key focus areas.  Phoebe is responsible for translating and commercialising these digital health products and interacts regularly with funders and potential industry partners. 

Prior to Murdoch Childrens, Phoebe was a legal consultant to NextVet Biopharma, a successful biotech start-up out of Melbourne (In Feb 2015 NVET scheduled a $58 million IPO on the Nasdaq with a market capitalization of $160 million). Phoebe is a qualified intellectual property and commercial lawyer (7PQE) and started out working in private practice.





Terry Sweeney

IBM Watson Health Executive, Asia Pacific, Japan, China, IBM


Originally from the UK and now based in Australia, Terry is the IBM Watson Health Leader for Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China Group. He is responsible for the overall strategy of IBM’s Watson Health cognitive solutions in the region, developing new markets and partnerships to drive better patient outcomes through innovation.


Terry is recognised as a global thought leader in the health and human services technology industry, with over 17 years experience. Terry has held a number of global senior strategic health and social welfare positions in both private and public sectors.


Terry is a former Director of the social health start-up, Cúram Software. Based in Ireland, Cúram’s global presence and market leadership led to IBM acquiring the company in 2011. Terry has also worked in British Intelligence, and is a former professional athlete.


Terry holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Cambridge University, a first class honors degree in Economics also from Cambridge University, and a Masters of Science in Business Information Technology from Newcastle.





Marc Niemes

Director, HealthXN


HealthXN has one simple aim; to enable any health or care worker within 3 clicks or 3 seconds to access the right learning to improve care outcomes. Having built online environments for thousands of learners, registering millions of completions across banking, finance, retail and technology it’s now time to support Health and Care on its digital journey. It is about enabling competence, care, compassion and engagement at the point of care.










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